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The Obama Family: Life In The White House! (here And Now)

Obama Family Life In The White House

Your children will love this fantastic book by Carol Marsh. Written by Carol Marsh and it was published by Gallopade Pub Group. The book went on sale in December of 2008. The children's book is 36 pages long. To obtain your personal print of this children's book, visit the button on this page.

Gallopade Pub Group

ISBN: 0635070510
Author: Carol Marsh

Perhaps no one in America is more excited right now than Sasha and Malia - children from the President in the United states of america as properly as the incredibly first Lady!) Learn about what a year of living in the White House could be like! Come take a have a appear in the changes, opportunities, and future of the First Kids from the new First Family inside the White House! The holidays, the everydays … what Dad's job will be, the Mom's as properly! You'll have lots to share with adults and your friends that they probably never knew about the New First Family in the White House! Learn exactly where they will live, what they will do, exactly where they will sleep, their Secret Service code names, all about school days (and homework - even becoming the president's kids doesn't get you out of homework!


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