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I Am Michelle Obama: The First Lady

I Am Michelle Obama The First Lady

Searching to buy a terrific book? You should read I Am Michelle Obama: The First Lady by Margina Graham Parker! The author is Margina Graham Parker and it was published sometime in 2009 by Tumaini Publishing. The child's book is 24 pages long. We would like you to get the best price when acquiring a children's book for your children, please visit our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

Tumaini Publishing

ISBN: 0984182926
Author: Margina Graham Parker

I Am Michelle Obama: The First Lady captures the life of Michelle Obama via the eyes of a young girl who aspires to become like her. This historical young children s book is definitely a must-have plus a must-read for both children and parents. Through the book she find out that there is much more to the genuinely first Lady Michelle Obama than just a stunning outward appearance. Her mom points out her a lot of accomplishments and outstanding achievements as a woman by telling the story of her life from a young girl, to getting a young woman, to becoming a wife, then a mother, and ultimately becoming the actually incredibly first Lady inside the United states of America.


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