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Barack Obama Coloring Book (dover History Coloring Book)

Barack Obama Coloring Book

Do you want to get hold of a book? Buy yourself a copy of Barack Obama Coloring Book by Gary Zaboly / Coloring Books. Written by Gary Zaboly / Coloring Books and the publisher is Dover Publications. This child's book went on sale around May of 2009. The book has 32 pages. To pick up your personal copy of this children's book, visit the market link below.

Dover Publications

ISBN: 0486473201
Author: Gary Zaboly / Coloring Books

Follow Barack Obama's extraordinary journey to the White House with  this collection of handsome pictures and informative captions. Thoroughly entertaining and educational! Thirty finely rendered illustrations mark important events in his life, including his childhood in Hawaii, education, marriage, birth of his children, Democratic nomination, and his historic victory as 44th President.


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